Monday, February 11, 2008

Funny Sign

Casting Crowns!

I went to see Casting Crowns on Friday. We had front row seats, baby! Of course the view was awesome.... the sound was, well--- loud.

Leeland opened for them. I had not heard of them before. At least I didn't think I had until I heard "Tears of a Saint". It is the song playing on this page. It is such an awesome song.

Leeland is so young-- 19. I was close enough to see that he didn't have chest hair, LOL. He did have a wedding ring though.

Casting Crowns, of course, were awesome.

Mark Nickles painted a great picture during the song "Voice of Truth". It is so awesome how he can literally throw paint on a canvas and create a masterpiece.

And the winner is.......


We went to the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby last weekend. Paul had put minimal effort into this year's car. He felt that Joshua is at the age that he needs to really help out with it. Joshua did help this year more than any other year.

He did use the wheels from a couple of years ago. He had put a lot of work into them.

They must have been good because the Yellow Diamond won the whole thing.

Joshua was one proud little guy.

Reba and Kelly Clarkson

Well, I went to the concert Friday before last. What can I say? It was awesome.
I have video on my phone from the concert but I don't know how to get them on the computer or if it is even possible.

I am from the old concerts of: no filming or photography where they would actually frisk you when you go in. I guess they don't do that anymore.

My seats were awesome and they sounded just as great in concert as in the studio.

I still really wish my mom would have gone but hey, I have to respect her "no". She has a hard time saying "no" to anyone so when she says it... I need to respect it.

If the duo is coming to your town, I would suggest you go see them. They will not disappoint you.