Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The fourth grade class presented the play, "The Nightengale" It is playing on BATV at this time so if you get that on channel 20, you can watch it.

Joshua had a one word part. That is right, one word. I learned his line also :) "Brilliant". There is your replay.

It was a cute play and they did an awesome job.

Soccer Has Begun

Soccer season has begun and it is starting off pretty good. Both kids one their games. I was a little late to Joshua's and forgot my camera in the car so I didn't get any pictures of his game. Most of the players on his team are new players, but they rock! They did real well. I was impressed. They won 3-1.

Delaney's team has one new player but otherwise they are the same team. She LOVES soccer. She says she always wants to play. Here is hoping for her enthusiasm to last.
She scored one goal. She is good at getting the ball and getting in to the goal, her aim is still a little off. She fears no one on the playing field. They won their game 13-1, I think that was the final score.