Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vietnam License

The adoption agency that I work for received their adoption license from Vietnam today. Great news!!

I am currently training to process Vietnam and India dossiers. I have a feeling we are getting ready to be very busy!

There is one family that started the process before it closed four years ago and now they can finally bring their boy home. He is now 5 years old!! Thank God he finally gets to come home to his forever family!!!

ACLS - Over!

As a critical care nurse, I have to maintain my certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. In the past, the renewal class was basically a torture/ intimidation class to see if they could unnerve you. It was very cruel!

Things have changed in recent years and it is not bad at all. But why do I stress over this renewal every two years? I study like a fiend as if I am learning it for the first time. Mind you, I have been current on this since 1991. After 15 years, you would think it would not be stressful. Maybe it is post traumatic stress syndrome?? I saw a lady that had been a nurse for a long time stressed to the max yesterday.

We all passed with flying colors and once again I walked away thinking, "That wasn't bad at all, why must I stress myself out over it every single time!"

I guess I can relax now for another 2 years!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Help Feed a Child

Joshua was adopted from the Zhytomyr Children's Home in Zhytomyr Ukraine. When we met him at 4 months old, he was a skinny 11 lbs. He was unable to hold his head up for the first couple of days with us. I am not sure if this was from lack of holding or weakness from lack of nutrients.

When we visited him once, we were able to feed him. The glass bottle was so hot that I had to use a rag to be able to hold the bottle. The babies that are fed first get the HOT bottles. Joshua didn't seem to mind (although it scared me to death). In fact, he had to have all his bottles really warm before he would drink it.

Formula transition was very difficult with him. At the orphanage, we were told that he was being fed a formula made of corn sugar. It obviously was very sweet as he refused our bland American formula. We had to go to the market and buy some foriegn Nestle formula. It has nutrients but is also sweeter than our formulas.

Zhytomyr is being helped by an organization called Life 2 Orphans. ""

One mother that has a daughter from Zhytomyr is wanting to have a special fund raising event to feed the children. ""

For $5.43, you can feed a child for an entire month! What a great feeling to provide a child with nourishment that their little bodies need.

Eastern European

We had an Eastern European event last night at Incredible pizza. We had a pretty good turn out and had a lot of fun. The kids and I enjoy this place. It is better than Chuck E. Cheese in my opinion (I know-- not too hard to beat). It has a pizza/salad/dessert buffett. It also has bumper cars, bowling, putt- putt golf and a race track in addition to the video games. Paul prefers Chuck E. Cheese. He prefers to play the race car video games. Although he did discover a play shooting range that he enjoyed. Some of the characters in it would shoot a large stream of water at other players if you hit the target. Paul found one that would shoot water at someone on the opposite end. Thus, he would wait until some unexpecting little kid would approach and he would have fun with them. I know, kind of cruel but very funny as well :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

They are home!

The kids arrived home yesterday afternoon! I was so happy to see them. Judging from the smiles on their faces and the strength of their hugs, they were happy to see Daddy and Mommy also.

They had a wonderful time at Grandpa and Grandma's house. They were full of stories to share of all that they had done while gone.

Paul has the "Jaws" music on his computer and he began playing it when he heard the car door shut outside. It was quite comical.

I am in heaven as I listen to the morning chatter in my kitchen. God is Good!

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Young Rembrandt

Joshua has been taking an after school art program called Young Rembrandts. He absolutely loves it and has taken almost every session. He loves to draw, esp. Egyptian images.

I was looking in the school's hallway at the posted art work from his class. When I saw this picture, I figured it must be from an older student. There was no name on it. Much to my surprise, it was Joshua's art. Not bad for a first grader!

Busy Week!

What a busy week! I have been working every day this week either doing my filing job at Dillon or learning my new job at Dillon. In the evenings, Paul and I are taking advantage of being childfree by either going out on dates or going out with friends.

I spent several afternoons this week helping to make the Matryoshka Doll for Eastern European heritage camp. We make a doll that is about 5 feet tall and then allow the kids to put their handprints and names on it each year at camp. It is really cute and the kids enjoy it!

Last night, Paul said that I seemed a little grumpy. I think I am starting to really miss my babies. I miss hearing their sweet voices and getting their hugs. Sunday can't come soon enough for me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break

The kids are out of school for Spring Break this week. They have gone to Kansas to stay with the granparents.

On Friday, I had a parent/teacher conference meeting with Joshua's teacher. She says that he is more than ready for second grade. He has tested out of reading class now and is actually reading like a second grade 5th month level. Great thanks to his teacher, Ms. Causey and reading teacher, Ms. Bottoms!
Ms. Causey said that Joshua is well liked and seems very intelligent. Way to go Joshua!!

The weekend has been rainy. Praise God!!! We really needed it.

It was raining so much Sat. morning that Joshua's soccer game was rained out. (Picture is from previous game). Although I love watching his games, I welcomed the rain.

I was cancelled from work last night so Paul and I had a great day and date last night. I love the kids around but I also love the one to one time occassionally. We actually get to talk and eat without interruptions :)

Since the kids are gone this week, I am going to spend the week training for my new position with Dillon International (our adoption agency). I am going to work under the supervision of my dear friend Rhonda. We are the Dossier coordinators for all the countries besides Korea (they don't require a dossier). I am so thrilled to be working in the adoption field!!

Have a great week!

Circus girl!

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Here is Delaney before her circus performance that you can view above. What a cutie-pie!

Her pre-school has an annual circus performance. The 2- 3 year old classes sing a couple of songs at the beginning of the program. She is in the three year old class this year. You can see her at the left side of the stage. She has a blue and white shirt. She is the beautiful one :)

Seeing Clearly Revisited

Joshua wore his contact in his right eye for two weeks. His vision is fine with it and it doesn't bother him when it is in at all. The problem comes when we need to take it out or put it in. It is an all out war. He can leave it in for a month at a time but he dreads the day that it has to be messed with.

He said all along that he wanted glasses instead. He has friends that have glasses.

My mother said that he could have them as a birthday present from her if he wanted to have them that bad. He REALLY wanted them.

He is very cute in them. Here is a picture of him wearing his glasses and his grandpa's trooper hat.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Congratulations Grandpa!

The hat has been officially passed down to the next generation. Master Trooper Leroy retired from his position after serving 31 1/2 years as a Kansas State Trooper.

We went to Leroy's retirement party yesterday. By the number of attendees, we can tell he was well respected.

Joshua spent most of the time at his grandpa's "Achievement" display. At the end of the party, he inherited his grandpa's hat with the promise that it must stay in our house. Joshua wore it the rest of the party and looked at it often on the drive home.

Congratulations on your awesome work and your retirement! We are so proud of you grandpa!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006


When I started watching this year's survivor, I immediately wanted Cirie off the show. If she is a true Survivor fan then she should know not to pick a swimsuit that would require frequent censoring. I mean, come on, the girl is large and I really did not relish the idea of seeing her exposed the whole season!

I have totally changed my mind. The girl is brilliant! She avoided eviction the second week and she is playing the game! She sits back and giggles to herself as the alliances in her group fall apart. I get a kick out of her! She is also a fellow nurse, so she can't be all bad :)

Dan, Dan the astronaut man! I hate to see him go. He was a hard worker just too old to cut it in the challenges. He seemed like a nice guy.

I also like Nick. He seems like a nice guy and not to hard to look at either I might add ;D

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts running through my head

Illness, illness, go away. Well I am officially tired of the illness running around in this family. First Delaney was sick with high fevers, I had the stomach virus, and then Paul has a sinus infection. Yesterday, Delaney woke up screaming that her ear was hurting. Her temp. was 102. We went to the doctor and found no signs of ear infection, sore throat or chest congestion. I requested her urine be checked as she has had an increase in accidents. Urine is clean! She is feeling better today, maybe we are on the road to recovery???

Lung Cancer-- I am deeply saddened by the death of Dana Reeves. What a classy lady! The fact that she never smoked and still developed lung cancer really scares me. Yes, maybe it was genetic but it really makes me question whether I want to sit with a dear friend while she smokes. Scary indeed. Tulsa has made all the restaurants smoke free unless there is a special reverse ventilation room. Great news for those that are not wanting exposure to second hand smoke.

Contacts-- Joshua has a difficult time letting me put his contact back in when it comes out. He has been questioning me about why he has to wear contacts when I don't wear mine. He wants glasses but having him in contacts will not only be cheaper but easier. I guess I will have to start wearing contacts more :)

Rain- We are expecting a rain storm tonight. Praise the Lord. Over 5,000 acres burned near us yesterday. It wasn't real close but it just shows we still desperately need rain. Let it pour rain!!!

Amazing race-- I am really enjoying this season. Last night was a good show. I won't ruin it for my Aussie friend that is two shows behind. I will say that Eric and Jeremy have fallen from my favorite list. They obviously have only one thing on their minds and it is not the race. What losers! Go MOJO!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Time with Nana

Delaney has been missing her Nana lately. My mother lives in town but works a lot of hours at the hospital.

Delaney has also been requesting to go to the zoo a lot lately. She loves to look at the animals. We are members so it is a free day for us when we visit it.

Today was BEAUTIFUL and warm so we went to America's Favorite Zoo, the Tulsa Zoo.

A great time was had by all.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Skater Girl!

Whenever I get the chance, I try to consign some of the kids' toys they no longer play with.

The agreement is that if I can sell some of their toys then they can go to the store and pick out one (reasonably priced) toy.

Joshua picked out a Matchbox set that has a Mummy and Anubis statues on it.

Delaney picked out roller skates. She wanted me to help her. Just watching after awhile becomes pretty boring. So, I got my very old skates from High school out of the attic and joined in the fun. She was doing pretty good in her skates. They are the training ones with the locking wheels. She loves them!

Paul was making fun of my skates as he says they look straight out of the 70s. You know the skating rinks with the mirror ball and strobs light. Okay, first of all I am not THAT old but they are from the 80s. Oh the fun I had with those skates!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Seeing Clearly Now

Joshua had vision testing done at his school a couple of weeks ago. They believed that he had a muscle imbalance.

He went to the Optometrist on Wednesday and was found to be far sighted in his right eye. The doctor recommended a contact for the right eye. The contact was placed in his eye and he was not happy about it. He had a pretty rough couple of hours.

Later that night, he said that it wasn't that bad.

Now, he is bragging to everyone about how he is wearing contacts now. What a big boy!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pharoah Joshua

Today is dress up as your favorite story book character. Joshua loves non-fiction books, Ancient Egypt books in particular.

Joshua chose to dress up as a Pharoah. He makes a mighty cute boy King in my opinion. Move over King Tut, King Josh rules!