Monday, November 12, 2007

First Day of Job

I went to my first day of work at the Fertility Center. Like most people, starting a new job causes a little bit of anxiety. I really didn't feel anxious this morning.

I walked in and waved to the two receptionist (whom had no clue who in the world I was) as I walked on back to the IVF office. It is amazing what people will let you get away with if you act like you know what you are doing :)

All the staff that I met were very nice. We did recovery of three patients and I was out of there by 1:00 pm. What an easy day! It is a very laid back, relaxed environment. The patients are there by choice so they are in a fairly good mood.

I think I am going to really enjoy working there!

Funny story-- last night I dreamed about hunting Easter Eggs with a class from the kids school. No matter, how many we picked up, there were always tons more to pick up. Weird huh? Think it has any thing to do with the fact that I am recovering people after Egg Retrievals??? May that be a sign of lots of eggs retrieved from my patients!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quote of the week

You're never as old as you're going to get.

Photo For Friday- a little late

A time of giving.....

I am trying to teach the kids the value of giving their time and money to others in need. Not an easy lesson to teach in this age of give me, give me, give me.

We went to The Hospitality House of Tulsa and helped decorate the units for Christmas. The Hospitality House provides free housing for families that have sick relatives in Hillcrest Medical Center. The families are usually from out of town and have no place (unless they pay hundreds a night for a hotel room)to stay. They are also within walking distance to the hospital. A lady from our church founded it and our church helps out when we can.

We also went and bought items for the Shoebox Ministry. We filled two boxes (one boy and one girl ages 5-9)for children overseas that will not get a lot for Christmas without donations. We made sure that the kids did not buy anything for themselves during our shopping trips for the gifts. It was all about buying for someone else. We prayed over the box, wrote notes, sent pictures and dropped it off at the church this morning. It was nice to see all the boxes piled high on the table this morning.

Young Rembrandts

The kids are taking Young Rembrandts drawing class this session. We wanted to do it last session but there were not enough signed up to make a class. This session, they have 15 kids in the class. Joshua loves it and has been taking the classes since first grade. Delaney had her first class a couple of weeks ago and here is her picture. Pretty good!

Girl Scouts

Delaney has been wanting to join Girl Scouts since Joshua is in Boy Scouts. I finally tracked down a local troop for her to join. She is officially a Girl Scout Daisy. She has a meeting each Friday night and loves it!


We went over to a friend's house for Halloween. Her neighborhood has a lot of young kids and is very active on Halloween night. The kids literally ran from house to house and were finished in about 45 minutes. They were complaining because their baskets were getting too heavy! Poor things!

I met another Dillon mom that is a friend of my friend. It was really cool to talk to her daughter that just returned home from a birthland tour. It was neat to get the insight from a young girl rediscovering her roots.