Friday, June 29, 2007

Quote of the week

Satisfaction will come to those who please themselves.- Arnold Lobel (one of Joshua's favorite authors)

Good-Bye Friends

One of my dear friends is moving away. She originally came here so her husband could attend Rhema. Well some 15 years later, she is moving back to her home area. She has raised three kids here and two of them have moved back to her home state.

She was also my House Supervisor at work. She was the best we had. We had many heart to heart conversations during rough times in our lives. So, she was not only a manager but a confidante as well. She is an inspiration to me as a very Godly woman.

Her daughters were also babysitters for my kids. They were both great with the kids and the kids would actually ask for us to go out so their babysitter could come over. That speaks volumes.

You all will be missed greatly! Don't forget your "family" here in OK.


Joshua went to Young Rembrandts drawing camp this past week. He had the best of both worlds: art and Egypt since it was an Egyptian Young Rembrandts Camp.

Pizza Time

Joshua has been wanting to make homemade pizza. We are more of a convenience food family unfortunately.

The pizza was not only a blast to make but was a great tasting pizza custom made for us.

Vietnam 1st Annual Get Together

The Vietnam families came together for a reunion last weekend. It was amazing to see all the kids that are already home. There are many families that are in the process for Vietnam, hence the lack of blogs lately. It is so rewarding to see the kids that I had a small piece in bringing home.

Krispy Kreme

My church group went for a tour of Krispy Kreme! I think I gained weight just my taking in the smells. Now that would be a great place to work. I know there would be much more of me to love if I worked there;)

Happy 60th Mom!

One of my best friends!

Happy Father's Day!!

Cub Scout Camp

We had a week of Cub Scout camp. I was a co-coordinator for our pack so I was there two of the five days.

We have had 16 straight days of rain and storms here in Oklahoma. Needless to say it was a bit of a mess.

The first day, we were told that if it started lightening then we were to come under the shelter for further instructions.

Well, it started thundering so I took the boys to shelter and went to the camp director for further direction. She looked at me as I was crazy. "You are suppose to take shelter when it is Lightening, and I haven't seen any". I explained that thunder means lightening. She didn't agree. What?? So we are to wait until we are struck and then seek shelter?? I have taken care of victims of lightening strikes. It is not pretty!!!

I called Paul and was informed that a storm was coming our way. That was the last straw. I called the kids parents and we went home after lunch. Okay, maybe I was too conservative but I would rather error on the side of safety.

The storm never came but at least we were at home safe in case it had.

On Wednesday, the camp was postponed until noon since the dam at the entrance was flooded. It had receded enough for a vehicle to pass through it safely. We taxied the kids over the flood and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Joshua enjoyed Archery and BB guns the best. He even ended up becoming a Junior BB Club Member because he got 5 shots within the target area. Great Job Joshua!

He didn't go back after Wednesday since he was only going because I was co- coordinator.

Cub Scout Meeting

We had a Cub Scout get together at our house. We met to tell the kids about the camp for the next week and to make pins for them to swap with other packs.

They had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Baby!

My favorite man had his 40th birthday on June 14th. He is such an awesome man and the love of my life.

Swim Lessons

We started the summer off with swimming lessons. I feel it is important to teach your child to swim so it is not an option for the kids to attend.

This is Joshua's 5th year and Delaney's second year.

Delaney started off not liking the lessons. Once it clicked for her, she loves it. She is wanting to take another sesson. Unfortunately, there is not any free time for that.

Photo for Friday

Break in Blogging

Well life has been busy. Between camps, swim lessons, working on weekends and an increase in Dillon work, I have had a hard time getting on here to blog.

Don't give up-- I am still blogging, just a little sporadically.

Friday, June 08, 2007

5 year old visit

Delaney had her 5 year old well visit today. She had both hearing and vision tested, they were both normal.

She also had to have her finger stuck and had 4 shots.

After enduring all that, I decided it was time for a treat. We went to McDonalds and picked up food and headed for a park. The park had a splash pad. Altough they didn't have swimming suits, the kids played in the water anyway.

It was a nice way to start the weekend.

Photo For Friday

Natural Cowgirl!

Delaney had her first lesson today. Wow, the girl is a natural. I left her there and one hour later, she is riding by herself, directing the horse, stopping the horse and backing it up. She did not want to leave and is excited to go back.

Princess Birthday!

Delaney's friend had a birthday party last Saturday. It was a Pirates and Princess party. The kids had so much fun that we ended up staying for 4 hours of fun.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Photo For Friday


Delaney LOVES horses. She is so excited when she sees one.
We have decided to let her take horse back riding lessons. We know she will love it.

She had decided that she was no longer interested in gymnastics, even though she does at least 20 cartwheels a day, so we are going to pursue the riding lessons.

She really wants a horse but that is out of the question since her Daddy is allergic to them!

School is out, Summer is here!

May 17th was Delaney's last day of pre-school. She is so excited to be going to Joshua's school next year. She is also excited about riding the bus. It is so hard to believe that she will be in Kindergarten next year.

Joshua's last day of school was Wednesday. He will be in third grade next year.

Yesterday, we went to the park and had a picnic lunch with friends. We had to quench our thirst with Sonic slushes. Yummy!

The kids came back and spent a couple of hours in the pool. It was a beautiful day.

We have loads of events to do this summer:

Swimming lessons
Young Rembrandts drawing camp
Boy Scout camp
Korea Camp

It should be a fun filled summer for all.