Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photography class!

As I had posted before, I bought a "big girl" camera this summer. I love it but have a lot to learn.

I am envious of some of the blog photos I see. I just knew with a better camera that I too could obtain awesome pictures. I have since figured out that it is not only the camera but a lot about photo editing that makes a great picture. I am putting together a Christmas list :)

I decided to indulge myself with a photography class. It part of our community education program so it is very reasonable.

It is harder than you think! I was so use to just using the automatic features on my camera. They turn out nice but you can get better pictures when you adjust lighting, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Wow, I sound like I know what I am talking about!! In reality, I still don't have it all straightened out but I am getting there.

You may still see me use the Automatic settings some, but I am a work in progress!

We went to a local park and worked on photos.

Escape from a Heart Attack

My dad has been having chest pressure for the last week or so. He went to the urgent care initially and he was scheduled for an Exercise Stress Test.

He completed it and then never heard the results. No news is good news, right? Plus the technicians said it looked fine

On Tuesday morning around 1 am, the pressure returned. Difference is that this time it was not exercised induced. My mom took him to the ER and he had a heart cath with 2 stents placed later that day.

He came home and is doing well.

It scares me to think of him being on the back nine of golf and suffering a heart attack.

His dad had his first heart attack at age 42. Genetics are definitely not on our side.

Oh, that exercise stress test--- it was abnormal-- one would think there should have been a call made!!!

Twice bitten, Once hysterical!

As I sat down to enjoy my quiet morning off, I hear a panicked voice at the door. "MOM, MOM, OPEN UP!! HURRY- there is an EMERGENCY!!

I run out the door and what do I see?? One hysterical child running towards me. Two red eyes crying and two angry welts, led me to know that a wasp had attacked.

Twice this angry insect attacked my precious child!! The grandfather that watches the bus-stop stated: "Just a little sting is all-- she will be alright. Off to the bus she goes and it will drive out of sight".

Well-- seeing that she had never been stung, I did what any smart mother would have done! She stayed home while I watched for a possible reaction to come. Tylenol, benadryl and cream on the wounds calmed down this frantic child while she watched cartoons.

Okay-- enough rhyming!! I am not a poet after all.

She settled down quickly and no reaction came. We met Joshua for lunch and she still wanted to stay home--- IMAGINE!! A little TLC and off to school tomorrow.

What a way to start a day!!

Hair and tooth today, gone tomorrow!

My little girl is growing up. She lost her first tooth last week. She was at school so she received a little tooth keeper chest for it. She was so excited the next morning to see the golden dollar coin and Littlest Pet Shop toy. Our tooth fairy also brings a small gift in addition to money on the first tooth lost. She is the greatest!!

Delaney also decided to cut her hair. It makes her look older but it so much easier to maintain and rarely gets in her food-- Yuck!

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Soccer!

We are really enjoying watching the kids soccer games on the weekends. One of Delaney's games was in the pouring rain-- -okay, that one wasn't too much fun. The girls loved it though :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Time Machine

Someone else had this on their blog and I thought it was hilarious! It is at

Saturday, September 06, 2008

May the Force be with you!

Can you guess what the latest craze at our house is???

Soccer Has Begun

The soccer season has begun. I just love watching the kids soccer games. It is so fun to cheer them on as they play. I have got to watch myself though because I get a little too into the game and get a little loud with the yelling.

The kids had their first games at the exact same time. I watched Delaney's and Paul watched Joshua's. I did get to see about the last 5 minutes of Joshua's game though.

Delaney really hustled. She tried so hard to score but just wasn't able to make it happen. Her team scored one goal and the other team well.... let's just say they scored several...I mean many....more.

Joshua's team won their first game. I was so excited for them as they lost most of their top players this season. Joshua scored a goal!! Way to step it up buddy!!


Wow, that is all I can say about McCain selecting a woman as a running mate. I think it is a great strategy. I am and always will be a hard core Republican. I don't think there will ever be a day that I will vote for a Democratic President.

It is funny because as a teenager, I was all for women's rights, including pro-choice. Let's just say that I have changed quite a bit since that time. I am more mature for one but I have also been blessed with two wonderful children that could have been part of the awful statistics of abortion. Praise God that their birth mothers cherished life and gave birth.

Day after day, I see little tiny humans that are only around 8-9 weeks from their conception. I am not sure how one can see that and say that the human that is moving and the heart that is beating has no rights!

As far as Palin goes, I admire her. She seems to have views close to my own. She chose to cherish what God had planned for her in her youngest son. She also is not ashamed to support her pregnant unwed daughter. Was it what she wished for at this time in her daughter's life, most likely not. It is what it is and a baby will be born and loved.

What ever the results are from this election-- it is a time of firsts and for that we should all be excited.

Have I said....

that I love my new job?? Everyone is so nice, the hours are absolutely wonderful, and the pay is good.

Labor Day Fun

The kids were able to spend some time with their cousins this weekend. They had sleepovers, went swimming together and out to eat together. They really enjoy spending time with each other.

On Labor Day, we traveled to Chanute to celebrate their Great- Grandma's birthday/ Grandparents Day/ Great Grandparents 68TH anniversary. WOW, 68 years!!!!! You don't see that very often.

Isaac Update!

Look at that cutie! He is getting to be such a big boy. He is gaining wt, eating on his own, and is getting closer day by day to come home. He will most likely be home by the end of next week. Please continue to keep the little guy in your prayers.