Friday, June 30, 2006

Photo for Friday

In celebration of the Fourth of July, here is Joshua in his flag shirt.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Swim Lessons

The kids have had swimming lessons the last two weeks. Today was the last day and the parents were able to watch.

Delaney was so cute, she kept saying- "I am going to go underwater all by myself, it will be a surprise for you!"

Yes, she did go underwater. She did really well considering it was her first time at swimming lessons.

Joshua has really improved. He actually looks like a little swimmer now. He can do the American Crawl with the best of them. He loves to be in the deep end. During free time all the other kids went to the shallow end and he stayed in the deep end (10 Feet) and swam his heart out. He even dived (~belly flopped) in and swam to the side.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Delaney doesn't officially have her birthday until the 6th but we had her party tonight.
She has asked me several times how old she is now that she has had her party :). She is so excited that she is 4!
We had a party at home and let the kids swim in our kiddie swimming pool. Everyone seemed to have a great time!

Girlfriends are the best!

What's so poignant about this picture? - it shows a line of little girls holding hands facing the immensity of ocean waves.
Alone they might be washed away, but together they stand strong.
Thank you each for holding my hand somewhere along the way when I was facing a wave of my own. I hope you will reach for my hand when your own wave threatens.

All of us girls..

Old and young...

Near and far...

Hold special memories of good times we've

We've had our share of hard times when our
friends were there to make us feel better.

We've shared...
our hearts
our time
our secrets
our fears
our hopes
and our dreams.
Let us never break the chain of friends!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How does my garden grow??

My garden has changed quite a bit since the beginning of summer. I think it is looking pretty good.

As my husband says,"There is no question what you favorite color is!"

Party Postponed

Delaney will be turning 4 on July 6th. We decided to have a kid's birthday party for her so her friends could join us. Prior to this year we would just have a party for her during our July 4th get together.

We were suppose to have a party tonight. Delaney came home yesterday and beginning getting sick to her stomach and running a fever.

Today brought a new day and she was back to her normal self. We will have the party tomorrow instead.

She initially wanted a Dragon Tales movie but since there are no decorations for it to be found, she decided a Care Bear party would be just fine!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Quote of the week

True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.
Edna Buchanan-writer

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chores revisited!

Remember how excited the kids were to start chores??

Joshua spent three hours crying and complaining about his chores tonight. He feels that it is unfair that Delaney's are so much easier than his.

First of all, he made up his own chore list.
Second, he is 7, she is 3.

He was informed of the loss of priviledges he would face if he didn't do his chores. He finally did them, exclaiming that it wasn't that hard after all.

Three hours!!!

My mother laughs at the idea that both of my kids are actually more stubborn than I was as a child. Not an easy thing to be as I was always called,"Hard Head!"

Swim Lessons

The kids have swim lessons for the next two weeks. This is Delaney's first year to go. She had at least a hundred questions on the way to the first lesson.

When she was waiting in line to go in, there were several kids crying. I just knew she was going to jump out of line and refuse to go in.

She did go in and reported having a good time.

Today, I asked her if she was going to go underwater. She said she would not. I told her that if the swim instructor said she needed to then she would have to.

Delaney replied, "She is not my boss. You are the boss!"

I explained that I gave the instructor permission to be her boss during lessons.

She didn't seem too convinced.

I asked the instructor how it went. She said that Delaney had done well. I informed her that Delaney had a mind of her own.

"I am WELL aware of that! she said. She commented on how different my two kids were. No kidding!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Quote for the Week

The average human heart beats 100,000 times a day. Make those beats count!

Updated Ukraine Video

Videos by vMix Member:

As many of you know, Ukraine has shut down adoptions to Americans. They did this due to the fact that parents are not sending in their required post-placement reports for their children.

Here is a video of kids adopted from Ukraine. It is being sent to the Embassy in order to show them how loved the children really are here in the USA.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!

Via: VideoSift

Photo For Friday

Since I recently posted a young picture of Paul, I thought I would post mine as well. What happened to my blonde hair?? I was 4 years old in this picture.

Boy Scout Camp

Joshua was in Boy Scout Day camp all week. He is having such a great time. They are able to Hike, Fish, Shoot BBs, Archery, play Games, work with tools and make crafts.

He is learning so much and making new friends.

I have been busy this week as I volunteered two days. Being out in 90+ weather and walking from 8am to 3:30pm is very fun but very tiring. It is amazing how much more energy those boys have!! Definitely makes me feel my age.

Joshua had never shot a BB gun before, he missed the target completely the first day. Yesterday, he hit a bullseye!! He was so proud!

He has caught 2 fish so far!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I am late posting this. Paul's birthday was June 14th! He is now 39. Wow, how time flies. Hunny, you make my life complete!


I got this from Maryland Mom'sblog. Here are my answers to the ABC'S

Accent: I have been told that I do not have an accent. People are amazed when I tell them that I am originally from Oklahoma. So, at least I don't have a southern accent.
Bible book that I like: Wow, that is a hard one. There are so many stories of great people. I like to read about David, Moses, Paul. Too many to chose from.

Chore I don't care for: I don't like cleaning bathrooms and I hate to pull weeds.

Dog or cat: Dogs! We have a very gentle Lab named Sam.
Essential electronics: TV with cable. I am addicted to my reality shows! I also enjoy the computer!

Favorite cologne: It changes but for now-- Echo

Gold or silver: Definitely Gold!

Handbag I carry most often: I usually take great care in picking one out and carry it forever! I am not one to switch out purses and make them match my clothes. My husband despises purse shopping :)

Insomnia: Occassionally, but usually I have no problem sleeping at anytime.
Job title: Wife, Momma, Nurse, Dossier Coordinator
Kids: Joshua (7) & Delaney (almost 4)

Living arrangement: My sweetheart, my prince and my lil princess. One dog, one fish.

Most admirable trait: Loyalty
Naughtiest childhood behavior: I had a very precocious boy friend that taught me how to play doctor. I never understood why his sister was the nurse and I was always the patient. My poor mother! I was so naive

Overnight hospital stays: Tonsils out, Ureter dilation.

Phobias: Snakes. Poor Joshua has to go look at them by himself at the zoo. The give me instant chills.
Quote: Judge not lest thee be judged.

Religion: Christian. Raised non-denominational, currently Baptist.

Siblings: Older brother (Mike)

Time I wake up: When the kids wake me up, usually 7-7:30.
Unusual talent or skill: I am pretty good at starting IVs on patients.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Turnip Greens, Slimy Spinach

Worst habits: Being a little too honest and too sarcastic with people. Some people may get hurt if they are sensitive.

X-rays: Chest- Rule out TB due to being a nurse, Bladder/Kidney- frequent UTIs in past.
Yummy stuff I cook: I don't care for cooking. Paul did say I make a great lasagna, now if I could only find that recipe again!

Zoo animal I like most: Okapi- I have to go to Oklahoma City to see one though. This animal is related to the Giraffe not Zebra. very Cool!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Quote of the week

While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die-- whether it is our spirit, our creativity, or our glorious uniqueness. Gilda Radner, comedian.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Photo For Friday

Here is Joshua at the zoo. He is holding his Elephant named "Kelley". I hope we never lose his baby as he would be lost without it.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Do you speak Korean?

I took the kids to the library today. I was on one isle with Joshua and Delaney was on the other side.

I heard a child's voice ask, "Do you speak Korean?" from the other side of the isle.

Delaney replied, "No".

The voice then asked,"What do you speak?"

At that point I interjected, "She speaks the same language as you do....English". I figured I was speaking with some intrusive little child.

I peered through an open area in the shelving and spotted the cutest little Asian boy.

He said, "Oh, she looks Korean. I thought she was Korean like me."

I said, "She is Korean. She doesn't speak Korean though, do you?"

He said that he did and I asked him to say "Hi" in Korean which he proceeded to do.

I said "Thank You" in Korean and he appeared shocked.

"You speak Korean???"

I explained that I had learned a few words before I went to pick Delaney up in Korea.

"oh, was she adopted?"

I told him that she was. We proceeded to talk about Korea, his family, Kimchee, etc.

He was only 6 years old and had been born in America. He said that he had never been to Korea but had heard that it was a neat and popular place.

He was absolutely adorable!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

They are back!

Paul brought the kids up to see me at work last night once they returned home.
I was so excited to see them. One week is such a long time! I never thought that it would be over. A couple of days away, I might enjoy but a week seems too long to be without my kiddos.

Quote for the Week

Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders. Bob Moawad- business leader

Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo For Friday

Joshua loves to show his love to his family by giving a lot of hugs and kisses. Delaney is not always a willing recepient of such affection from her big brother.

They are still at their grandparents. Joshua was complaining on the phone last night that Delaney is not wanting him to kiss and hug her. Poor guy :). When he gets home he can give us all the hugs and kisses he wants!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Missing my kids

The kids are at their grandparents this week. They will be back on Sunday. It is amazing how silent the house is without them. It is a little too much silence for me.

We talk to them every night but I love to hear their chatter throughout the day.

I think they are having a good time but are about ready to come home themselves.

They are so blessed to have the chance to spend some quality time with their grandparents!

Dixie Chicks Come Back

After much controversy, it looks like America is accepting the Dixie Chicks back.
Their new album hit number 1 on its debut week on the Billboard top 200.

I guess we are ready to "forgive".

As stated before, I love their music but was a little put out about Natalie Maines comments in London.

Their new song, "Not ready to make nice" did cause me to really rethink my thoughts on them.

I am proud to say that I will be the owner of their last two albums as soon as I receive them in the mail. I plan on enjoying their music as I did before and realize that what they say is only their opinions. Everyone has a right to one!

BTW- Amazon has a great deal if you buy the last two Dixie Chicks album at the same time :)