Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Ninth Gotcha Day!!- 8/13/08

Wow, it is amazing to believe that I have been a mom for 9 years now. All those years of wanting a child and being unable to have one changed me but motherhood has definitely healed my soul. I love you Joshua!!

That was such a great Friday the 13th!!!!

First Day of School

The summer went so quickly! We missed out on doing a few things we had planned. All in all we had a great time though.

Last Tuesday was meet the teacher day. We are so blessed to have gotten the teachers we wanted for both the kids. They also have some of their friends in the same class so they are excited.

This was the first year that I was the t-shirt chairperson. I think the shirt turned out well considering that I had no experience. Of course it helps that the designer at the t-shirt shop-- Integriteez is so great!

Introducing Isaac!

Isn't he just precious!! He weighed 3 lbs 12 oz. and was 16 inches long at his birth.

I just love his little hand wrapped around his mommy's finger.


My friend found out at 31 weeks that she had lost one of her twins. J. will be greatly missed. It is hard not to question God when things like this happen. I think it is beyond our understanding.

The babies were delivered on 8/8.

I took her two other boys out to Incredible pizza while my friend went into surgery and spent some time saying her good-byes to her little boy.

Here are a few pictures from that day with the boys. They are so sweet. I hate that anyone has to go through a loss like they are dealing with.

I hope I was able to add a few moments of happiness to their day.


First flowers are a bouquet I received from my friend's grandmother. What a nice surprise. They were so beautiful.

The other flowers are from my flower garden. I didn't realize the purple ones would spread so much. Maybe one of these days I can get out there and get them under control.

New Job!

I have been very blessed in my new job. It is so amazing how it pretty much just dropped in my lap. It is a totally new field and I love the fact that I am going to have to stretch my brain a little to learn it.

I had been in Critical Care for so long that it had become a day in/day out job. Don't get me wrong-- I enjoyed it but it was not causing me to learn on a daily basis. I was very comfortable there. I had great friends there. I was really torn about leaving my comfort zone and my dear friends.

I have been working at The Tulsa Fertility Center now for two weeks. I am basically in a new position that the Doctor and I are making up as we go along. I hope I am being the help that she was wanting.

She has treated me well. I will have my own office, laptop and my hours are tailored to my family's needs. She is awesome to work with. Her knowledge amazes me, I love to listen to her explain things to patients. She is such a wealth of knowledge! I guess why that is why people travel from out of state to see her.

Since the time that I have left the hospital, many people including my old manager has quit. It sounds like it is turning in to a sinking ship. I hate that as I liked working there.

Purple Glaze

You too can be a great artist. Delaney had been begging me to take them back to Purple Glaze Studio. The pieces really turn out looking nice regardless of what kind of artist talent you may or may not have.

My bathroom has an aquatic life theme. Delaney's art would look perfect in there. I haven't talked her out of it......yet.

Korea Camp 2008

Korea camp was at the end of July. Normally, I am one of the teachers. Last year I taught the older 5 yr olds. The week literally wore me out. I am not sure how teachers do it day in and day out. I admire them greatly.

I decided to take this year off from teaching. The kids were also having swim lessons the same week so I was pretty much their taxi driver running between the two places with them.

I was so excited to see that our dear friends, The Karls, from Texas were there this year. I traveled with them to Korea and back when I went to pick up Delaney. They were there picking up their first child, Robert. We spent a lot of time together. We had a blast sightseeing and even doing a little Korean Karaoke. When the jetlag was really bad, we would laugh until we cried over the silliest things.

Our babies were "airplane buddies". It was so nice to see them reunited again.

More summer fun!

Delaney went to a birthday party at Bounce U in July. I also took the kids to Incredible Pizza one day for fun. It was so hot out that it was a nice alternative to being outside.

I talked Joshua into driving a Go- Kart. I think he had fun but for some reason it is just not "his cup of tea". He prefers playing on the Ticket games. He is saving up for a big prize. I am surprised that he is able to save tickets as he has a hard time saving money.

Omniplex with Friends

My friend, Rhonda, and I decided to take an end of summer day trip. We took the kids to the Oklahoma Science Museum in OKC. My kids always have a blast there. Rhonda's kids had never been, but I think they had a great time as well.

We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse afterwards.

Swim Lessons 2008

My mom insisted that we have swim lessons as children. I think it is a great idea if for nothing more than a safety issue alone. I love to swim and was actually on a swim team as a teenager.

A co-worker mentioned Jane Whitt as a swim teacher. She is also a child psychologist and also a dance instructor. She is awesome with children.

While on vacation, we were pretty hesitant to let Delaney do much swimming in areas that were above her head. Little did I know until "watch" day at swimming lessons, just how well she swims.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Special Shell

While we were on vacation, Delaney got into our van all excited. She wanted to give me a special shell, "just for her mommy". The joy in her eyes was priceless.

I opened my hand to find the shell of her dreams.

I said, "Paul, is this a....?"
He said, "Yes, it is a pistachio shell".

The girl is always making us laugh. I didn't have the heart to tell her what it really was-- discarded trash.

I still have my special shell :).