Tuesday, October 25, 2005

She is Lovely! The "proof" is in!

Okay, so I may be a little biased! I think she is beautiful. I think we will get our package from the close up shot. What is your favorite?

Happy Jack O Lantern!

Joshua picked out a skeleton theme this year. Here is what he picked for Paul to carve on the pumpkin. Paul says that next year, he gets to chose. First, King Tut now a small skeleton.

Joshua decided that he wanted to spend some of his money on a costume for his baby, elephant. For those that don't know, Joshua is still attached to a stuffed animal that is an elephant.

So, it looks like Elephant is going trick or treating this year. I will have a picture of all three of the "kids" later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Teacher / Parent Conference

We had Joshua's conference last night. According to the teacher, he is doing very well in school.

She said that he fits in well and makes friends easily. She says that he is selective with his friends in that he chooses those that are tender-hearted and kind like himself. She says he has great compassion for others.

She says he does not appear to have attention problems. This has been a concern for us as he gets distracted instead of staying on task at home (i.e. getting ready in the morning).

She says that he is on target for reading. During testing, he did show that he had difficulty separating sounds out in a word. He prefers to say the whole word and can't get the syllable sounds separated. He seems to have difficulty with soft consonant sounds at the end of words. He may be having difficulty with this since it is the sounds that he has difficulty hearing without aids. Maybe he is still having difficulty? Hopefully reading time will help him out some.

He has been teaching others on the school bus to read and do math problems. He even teaches us about subjects at home and then gives us tests. The latest was the life cycle of a pumpkin :)

It is so neat to see how excited he is about learning and his love for reading.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Look Mom, No Training Wheels!

Joshua is finally training wheel free. He isn't able to start off on his own too well, but once he gets going he does pretty well.

Joshua was never one to ride his bike much when he was younger. He started riding his bike down to the bus stop at the beginning of the school year. The kids he rides the bus with love to ride their bikes before school.

We were excited when he asked to ride his bike down there the first time. We knew that with a little time, he would feel the pressure to get rid of the training wheels.

I rode my bike a lot as a kid and didn't understand why he never rode his.

I am glad he finally is enjoying it. He is quite proud at his new achievement.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Paper Dolls

Delaney had her pre-school open house tonight. She has been doing very well according to her teacher. She said that she does stand up for herself but is nice about it (i.e. she has a toy that someone tries to take, she will tell them that they can play with it later).

She loves school and would go every day if I would let her.

Delaney made this doll of herself. The teacher said that the children picked out every thing by themselves. I think Delaney did an awesome job. I was surprised to see that the eyes looked almond shaped as well.

At the age of 2, Delaney would point out Asian people and say, "Look Mommy, Like me!" She is one smart girl. Of course, she also knows that she is beautiful. Ask her, she will tell you :)

My 7 Things List

7 Things that scare me:
Tornados -headed our way- we have a storm shelter now!
My children dying before me
My husband dying before me
My children getting kidnapped
When my children wander off from me and I can't find them.- Major panic attack

7 Things I like:
Going out to a movie
Reading a Good book
Eating Out at a restaurant
Having fun nights with my family
Girls night out
Hearing my kids giggling with each other
Relaxing evenings at home with my family

7 Things in my room:
Glider chair and Ottoman
Exercise Ball
My children's handprints in concrete (Will be in the flower garden eventually)
Ocean scene pictures
Jewelry Box from Korea

7 random facts about ME:
I hate to cook but love to eat
I would love to learn to play the violin.
I need to work on my need to be in control.
I spend too much time at the computer or watching TV.
I love taking naps.
I am addicted to reality tv programs (much to my husbands dislike)
I want to travel the world.

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
Watch my children grow up
Spoil my grandchildren
Travel to Italy
Take the family to Korea and Ukraine after all the kids are a little older so they can see/experience their home countries again
Be a medical missionary in an orphanage in Ukraine.
Ride in a hot air balloon
Enjoy life and cherish those that are in my life.

7 things I can do:
A lot of medical procedures.
Comfort those in times of suffering
Comfort my children
Make people laugh
Speak a little Russian and a little Spanish
Be a mentor/support for those adopting or going through infertility

7 things I can not or will not do:
Bungee jump
Pose naked for anyone
Abuse my children
Sky Dive
Hold a snake
Go to a raunchy Dance club
Deliberately hurt someone

7 Things I say the most:
Stop it.
Please be quiet.
Leave each other alone.
Share Please.
Inside voice please.
You guys go play.

7 celebrity crushes
Brad Pitt
Mark Consuelos
The guy from Unfaithful
Tom Cruise (Top Gun years)-- now he is just weird!
Coby from Survivor Australia
Drew from Big Brother
Sam Elliot (my older man crush)

7 people I tag to do this - next 7 readers to my blog

Monday, October 10, 2005

Where is my Baby?

Here is Joshua's first grade picture. It was pre- front teeth loss.
Joshua has always looked mature for his age. It is so hard to believe that the time has passed by so quickly.

It seems like he has been really growing taller lately. Several mornings he has put on jeans only to find that they are now high waters. He seems to be catching up with his classmates in height.

He is such a sweet and loving son. We are truly blessed!

Friday, October 07, 2005

All I Want For Christmas....

Joshua finally lost his other tooth. It had been loose for some time. He doesn't like me to help him so it hung around awhile. Last night he decided he wanted a visit from the Tooth Fairy so he let me help him out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I will call Jesus

Delaney has been talking alot about death and dying. What is it with my kids and their obsession with dying???

She asks me on a daily basis, "How do snakes and bugs kill you?" "I hate snakes and bugs!"

Yesterday, she said, "When will I be a mummy? When I die and I am in the grass, I will call Jesus. Jesus will come and get me from the grass."

The Fair is in Town

We took the kids to the fair on Monday night. We had a blast!
Delaney had talked about riding the Horsie ride (merry-go-round). Joshua had talked about riding the Egyptian Swing and the Ferris Wheel. Paul said he looked pretty scared as we rode the Giant Swing. He also changed his mind about the Ferris Wheel when he saw it up close and in person :).

I love to people watch at the fair. There are definitely all walks of life that come to the fair. I feel for the Carnival people. To live life as a nomad going from town to town with no real place to call home. Maybe they do have a home but choose to be a carnival worker ?? Of course, every day is a fair for them :)

This may sound harsh, but I often come home from the Fair feeling very blessed to have two healthy children and a healthy husband. There are many out there that have many difficulties in life. We are some of the fortunate ones.

We had a great time spending time as a family. Our evenings are so booked that it is a rare occassion that we are all together.

A humorous story-- We were walking around in the Just for Kids building watching the kids play. We had not stopped yet for any refreshments or drinks. I was sitting down for awhile when I decided that my water was making my hand cold. It dawned on me that I hadn't brought a water into the building. I discreetly ask Paul if he had bought a water for me and given it to me. He said, "no.". Somewhere along the way I had swiped someone else's water!! I am sure they were thinking, "THAT CRAZY WOMAN JUST STOLE MY WATER!" Thank goodness I never drank from it. I sat it on a table and discreetly walked away. How embarrassing!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Good Grief!

Last year after much searching for just the right costume for Joshua, I had to end up making one for him.

This year he found one he like so I was relieved. Well, local stores don't carrying the costume in a small enough size for Joshua.

I found it online at Target and they had it in his size. Sigh of relief!

When the package came to us, I found a large costume and I had ordered a medium. I called the hotline and they said, "Not a problem, we will send you a replacement and it will be a medium." Joshua was excitedly waiting for the package to arrive.

Guess what! Another Large! I called the hotline again and they said,"Well it says you can order a medium!" I guess they don't really have mediums.

I talked Joshua into going to Wal-mart to see if we could find their Large costume since it was $10 cheaper. We would just return the other ones.

Joshua found a different costume that he liked that was very cheap. Yahoo! So, on the way home in the pouring down rain, he announces that he has two right hand gloves for the costume and not a right and a left. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

Doesn't it seem like there is a HUGE amount of incompetence in this world?

Joshua does have a complete costume now, so everybody better really like it when he comes to your door! LOL