Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Teacher / Parent Conference

We had Joshua's conference last night. According to the teacher, he is doing very well in school.

She said that he fits in well and makes friends easily. She says that he is selective with his friends in that he chooses those that are tender-hearted and kind like himself. She says he has great compassion for others.

She says he does not appear to have attention problems. This has been a concern for us as he gets distracted instead of staying on task at home (i.e. getting ready in the morning).

She says that he is on target for reading. During testing, he did show that he had difficulty separating sounds out in a word. He prefers to say the whole word and can't get the syllable sounds separated. He seems to have difficulty with soft consonant sounds at the end of words. He may be having difficulty with this since it is the sounds that he has difficulty hearing without aids. Maybe he is still having difficulty? Hopefully reading time will help him out some.

He has been teaching others on the school bus to read and do math problems. He even teaches us about subjects at home and then gives us tests. The latest was the life cycle of a pumpkin :)

It is so neat to see how excited he is about learning and his love for reading.

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