Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My 7 Things List

7 Things that scare me:
Tornados -headed our way- we have a storm shelter now!
My children dying before me
My husband dying before me
My children getting kidnapped
When my children wander off from me and I can't find them.- Major panic attack

7 Things I like:
Going out to a movie
Reading a Good book
Eating Out at a restaurant
Having fun nights with my family
Girls night out
Hearing my kids giggling with each other
Relaxing evenings at home with my family

7 Things in my room:
Glider chair and Ottoman
Exercise Ball
My children's handprints in concrete (Will be in the flower garden eventually)
Ocean scene pictures
Jewelry Box from Korea

7 random facts about ME:
I hate to cook but love to eat
I would love to learn to play the violin.
I need to work on my need to be in control.
I spend too much time at the computer or watching TV.
I love taking naps.
I am addicted to reality tv programs (much to my husbands dislike)
I want to travel the world.

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
Watch my children grow up
Spoil my grandchildren
Travel to Italy
Take the family to Korea and Ukraine after all the kids are a little older so they can see/experience their home countries again
Be a medical missionary in an orphanage in Ukraine.
Ride in a hot air balloon
Enjoy life and cherish those that are in my life.

7 things I can do:
A lot of medical procedures.
Comfort those in times of suffering
Comfort my children
Make people laugh
Speak a little Russian and a little Spanish
Be a mentor/support for those adopting or going through infertility

7 things I can not or will not do:
Bungee jump
Pose naked for anyone
Abuse my children
Sky Dive
Hold a snake
Go to a raunchy Dance club
Deliberately hurt someone

7 Things I say the most:
Stop it.
Please be quiet.
Leave each other alone.
Share Please.
Inside voice please.
You guys go play.

7 celebrity crushes
Brad Pitt
Mark Consuelos
The guy from Unfaithful
Tom Cruise (Top Gun years)-- now he is just weird!
Coby from Survivor Australia
Drew from Big Brother
Sam Elliot (my older man crush)

7 people I tag to do this - next 7 readers to my blog

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