Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Fair is in Town

We took the kids to the fair on Monday night. We had a blast!
Delaney had talked about riding the Horsie ride (merry-go-round). Joshua had talked about riding the Egyptian Swing and the Ferris Wheel. Paul said he looked pretty scared as we rode the Giant Swing. He also changed his mind about the Ferris Wheel when he saw it up close and in person :).

I love to people watch at the fair. There are definitely all walks of life that come to the fair. I feel for the Carnival people. To live life as a nomad going from town to town with no real place to call home. Maybe they do have a home but choose to be a carnival worker ?? Of course, every day is a fair for them :)

This may sound harsh, but I often come home from the Fair feeling very blessed to have two healthy children and a healthy husband. There are many out there that have many difficulties in life. We are some of the fortunate ones.

We had a great time spending time as a family. Our evenings are so booked that it is a rare occassion that we are all together.

A humorous story-- We were walking around in the Just for Kids building watching the kids play. We had not stopped yet for any refreshments or drinks. I was sitting down for awhile when I decided that my water was making my hand cold. It dawned on me that I hadn't brought a water into the building. I discreetly ask Paul if he had bought a water for me and given it to me. He said, "no.". Somewhere along the way I had swiped someone else's water!! I am sure they were thinking, "THAT CRAZY WOMAN JUST STOLE MY WATER!" Thank goodness I never drank from it. I sat it on a table and discreetly walked away. How embarrassing!

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