Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Pics


Sometimes status quo is a really good thing and something to rejoice in.
Joshua had his annual hearing exam this month and his hearing remains stable for the fourth year in a row. Praise God!!!

A Day at the Zoo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Opportunity Knocks!

I love my job at the hospital. My record prior to this job was around 5 years at a job. After that, I was ready to find something different. I have been at this job for 8 years now and had no intention of leaving.

Well, The fertility center knocked on my door again with a deal too good to pass up. I am making my own hours and get to work from home for half of my job. I will work 9-3:30 on M-TU and Thursday. The rest will be from home.

One of the doctors has been wanting an assistant to review charts and get patients treatment plans more organized. She also mentioned doing some research online. I love details and love research.

Plus....the kids won't need before care at school.

Life is good--- wish me luck. I will start there in August after the doctor gets back from Africa.

First Pedicure

Delaney has been wanting to go into the Nail Salon at the local Wal-Mart to get her nails done. I think she is drawn to the fact that the workers are Asian.

We had a girl's day out on Saturday and had our nails done. The workers were Vietnamese but Delaney kept calling them Chinese. Funny....since she hates when she is called Chinese. Well, I guess the man finally got tired of it because he exclaimed, "NO Chinese!". He seemed to be a sweet man and said it sweet enough but he didn't want to hear it anymore.

Delaney wanted both of us to get flowers on our toes. She has already picked the "jewels" off of her toes. She said they just fell off. This from the girl that picks things off her clothes, ruining them. We may do it again sometime but NO Jewels!

We are the Champions!

Joshua's team went to a special ceremony for the first place teams. Have I told you how blessed we are to have found this coach and team???

Bowling Fun!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bear Clinic

My hospital had an open house this past weekend. They also had a Bear Clinic as well. I took the kids to one when Joshua was about 4 years old. He still has very fond memories of it and has asked when we could go again.

The kids had both bought a new Webkinz that morning so Joshua chose to take Tigger rather than his beloved, Ellie.

It saddened me a bit to watch Joshua at the Bear Clinic. He is getting to the point were he still wants to be a kids but also is enough pre-teen that he doesn't want to look childish.

He appeared embarrassed at times. When Delaney was getting a balloon animal, she requested an elephant with a heart balloon. Joshua stood by and at first he said that he would pass. After seeing how cute the elephant was, he decided to set aside his pride and get one as well.

Delaney had a great time. She did play shy at first.

I so wish that they could keep their childhood wonder and innocence. They grow up so fast.