Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cub Scouts

We had our first Cub Scout outing. We went to the zoo to see 5 endangered species. We saw: Elephant, Lion, Snow Leopard, Rhinoceros, and the Polar Bear.


I had to laugh when this Parent Center e-mail showed up in my mailbox

Mommy Tattoos
"I was never one for names on bodies, but my kids are mine forever."

I did not have a tattoo placed on my body to be a trendsetter. I wanted to honor my kids and also God because without him I would not have the honor to be their mother.

I also had a good laugh over the shirts available. I won't be purchasing one but I thought they were cute!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

No More Weekends!

Once I return to work, I will be working two days a week in Intensive Care with no weekends. After 7 years of working every weekend, we are pretty excited that our family will have the time to spend together.

We went out last weekend for the first time in quite awhile.

We took the kids to The Outback and then to see Mr. Bean's Holiday. Joshua has giggled at Mr. Bean since he was about two years old. I guess he has a love for the British humor! He is pretty silly. Delaney gets a kick out of him as well.

I wouldn't suggest this movie until it is a rental unless you have a couple of children in love with Mr. Bean. It was cute but not worth the full cost.

The Casting Crowns!

My favorite band has finally released their new album. I didn't think I could love anything more than their last album, Life Song. They have definitely outdone themselves. They have a whole different sound but I absolutely love it!

Movie Reviews

Well, I have had a few spare minutes on my hands so I have watched a few movies.

Here is my review:

Pursuit of Happiness- I fell asleep. Could have been the pain meds- who knows?

The Good Shepherd- Pretty good. Wouldn't watch again probably. I like Matt Damon and Ms. Jolie though.

The Last Kiss- GREAT! I was sobbing at the end-- Yes!- I have increased my hormones now as I was crying at really silly stuff at first, but it was a great movie!

The Italian- Very good movie! Realistic- maybe, maybe not -but I am a sucker for foreign films esp. about adoption, etc.

The Constant Gardener- Great Movie!! I would watch again.

Shut Up and Sing- Okay, different view on the whole Dixie Chicks scandal. I think they cuss way too much around their kids. Who am I to judge though? Not sure I really agree with Natalie but then she is entitled to her own views. I still like their music.

Friends With Money-- YAWN!

Kindness of Friends and Family

All I can say is WOW. The kindness and caring that has been shown by my friends and family has been remarkable!

We have been overloaded with food, and help offered everywhere we looked during my recovery.

Thank you so much! We are so grateful for everyone's generosity. We couldn't have done it without you. You are the greatest! We love you!

At Last- I am among the living!- Surgery complete!

I went in to the hospital on the 22nd and came home two days later on the 24th.

Surgery went well. Biopsies showed that it was something that definitely needed to be completed as the pain and bleeding was just going to get progressively worse as time went on. Good Riddance!

Paul said that my first words to him after surgery were, "Pain Sucks". That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

We had to laugh. I guess everything I said to him ended with "Baby". Such as "You can watch TV, Baby." "Are you okay?-Baby". Very weird as that is not my term of endearment for him. Anesthesia makes you do very weird things!

I have had a few hiccups with my recovery but all in all it has been fine. I am on the mend but am coming to realize that I do indeed need 6 weeks to recover. It is so amazing how much my energy has been zapped from me.

I went to volunteer at the school yesterday, and after 4 hours of basically walking and standing- I was exhausted. I realize it has only been two weeks but still!

I probably shouldn't have volunteered but they called me two days after being home and I was under pain medicine at the time. Oh well- the kids were glad to have me help out.

So, I have pretty much been laying around, watching movies and reading. Dream come true--- maybe for a few days but after that it just gets boring!

So, I am a new woman with an awesome scar (Not!).

Pre-surgery Fun!

Since my surgery was postponed a week, I decided to get a few girl's night out in and a concert prior to the big day.

Paul was going out with the boys one night, so my friend Brandi and I decided to get babysitters for our kids and have a girl's night out as well.

We bought the kids some Steak N Shake (Delaney's favorite restaurant!- She loves those fries) and then left to go to Los Cabos for music and girl's talk. Brandi's husband showed up with a former band member of LeAnn Rhimes and SheDaisy . He was a nice guy and even played and sang after the other singer for the restaurant was finished. He out-shined him by a long shot. He gave a private concert at my friend's house but Paul and I had other plans. I was told he even sang, "She Talks to Angels"--- How Ironic---see below.

Paul and I went to see a great concert on August 8th. We received free tickets from a co-worker of mine. She didn't want to go because it was the night prior to her son starting school. The concert was for Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows.

I love Collective Soul. We had bought tickets to a concert back in 1998 to see them. They were the headliners for an all day festival. Paul and I went early and watched all the younger people acting like idiots. We were definitely old farts being in our late 20s at that time. We waited a long time in the heat and chaos just to see them. They came on stage, sang one or two songs and then someone threw a lighter on the stage cutting open the lead singers head. That was it, end of show!!!

So, How could I resist getting "paid back" with free tickets to see them?

It was funny, we sat down in front of two age "30ish" girls and I guess they didn't like us taking their "footstools". They began yelling loudly and then laughing every time they did. Paul and I both could see what their agenda was- to get us to move. Well, number 1: we have two young kids and are use to loud noise and even screaming. Number 2: We are both very stubborn people. The more you try to get your way- the more we will stand our ground. SCREAM AWAY GIRLS! Well, they saw it wasn't working so they left after awhile. Haha!

Collective Soul was great. Third Eye Blind was good - I don't know many of their songs. I was excited to hear Counting Crows and especially to hear the song, "She Talks to Angels". It was getting late and we had to get home so Joshua could go to school in the morning (the kids were at a friend's house). We heard "Mr.Jones" and decided to leave. I was telling Paul on the way to the car that I really liked the "She Talks to Angels" song. He laughed and informed me that I was thinking of the Black Crowes---- wrong Crow group! We laughed all the way to the car. What a dork! I was wondering why Chris Robinson looked so different to me. Maybe because he is the lead singer of the Black Crowes not Counting Crows! We had a great time anyway!

I also went out with Tanya one night. We went to the Elephant Bar Restaurant and then to see "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". Cute movie but definitely for guys mainly-- lots of T&A.