Thursday, September 06, 2007

At Last- I am among the living!- Surgery complete!

I went in to the hospital on the 22nd and came home two days later on the 24th.

Surgery went well. Biopsies showed that it was something that definitely needed to be completed as the pain and bleeding was just going to get progressively worse as time went on. Good Riddance!

Paul said that my first words to him after surgery were, "Pain Sucks". That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

We had to laugh. I guess everything I said to him ended with "Baby". Such as "You can watch TV, Baby." "Are you okay?-Baby". Very weird as that is not my term of endearment for him. Anesthesia makes you do very weird things!

I have had a few hiccups with my recovery but all in all it has been fine. I am on the mend but am coming to realize that I do indeed need 6 weeks to recover. It is so amazing how much my energy has been zapped from me.

I went to volunteer at the school yesterday, and after 4 hours of basically walking and standing- I was exhausted. I realize it has only been two weeks but still!

I probably shouldn't have volunteered but they called me two days after being home and I was under pain medicine at the time. Oh well- the kids were glad to have me help out.

So, I have pretty much been laying around, watching movies and reading. Dream come true--- maybe for a few days but after that it just gets boring!

So, I am a new woman with an awesome scar (Not!).

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