Thursday, September 06, 2007

Movie Reviews

Well, I have had a few spare minutes on my hands so I have watched a few movies.

Here is my review:

Pursuit of Happiness- I fell asleep. Could have been the pain meds- who knows?

The Good Shepherd- Pretty good. Wouldn't watch again probably. I like Matt Damon and Ms. Jolie though.

The Last Kiss- GREAT! I was sobbing at the end-- Yes!- I have increased my hormones now as I was crying at really silly stuff at first, but it was a great movie!

The Italian- Very good movie! Realistic- maybe, maybe not -but I am a sucker for foreign films esp. about adoption, etc.

The Constant Gardener- Great Movie!! I would watch again.

Shut Up and Sing- Okay, different view on the whole Dixie Chicks scandal. I think they cuss way too much around their kids. Who am I to judge though? Not sure I really agree with Natalie but then she is entitled to her own views. I still like their music.

Friends With Money-- YAWN!

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