Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pre-surgery Fun!

Since my surgery was postponed a week, I decided to get a few girl's night out in and a concert prior to the big day.

Paul was going out with the boys one night, so my friend Brandi and I decided to get babysitters for our kids and have a girl's night out as well.

We bought the kids some Steak N Shake (Delaney's favorite restaurant!- She loves those fries) and then left to go to Los Cabos for music and girl's talk. Brandi's husband showed up with a former band member of LeAnn Rhimes and SheDaisy . He was a nice guy and even played and sang after the other singer for the restaurant was finished. He out-shined him by a long shot. He gave a private concert at my friend's house but Paul and I had other plans. I was told he even sang, "She Talks to Angels"--- How Ironic---see below.

Paul and I went to see a great concert on August 8th. We received free tickets from a co-worker of mine. She didn't want to go because it was the night prior to her son starting school. The concert was for Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows.

I love Collective Soul. We had bought tickets to a concert back in 1998 to see them. They were the headliners for an all day festival. Paul and I went early and watched all the younger people acting like idiots. We were definitely old farts being in our late 20s at that time. We waited a long time in the heat and chaos just to see them. They came on stage, sang one or two songs and then someone threw a lighter on the stage cutting open the lead singers head. That was it, end of show!!!

So, How could I resist getting "paid back" with free tickets to see them?

It was funny, we sat down in front of two age "30ish" girls and I guess they didn't like us taking their "footstools". They began yelling loudly and then laughing every time they did. Paul and I both could see what their agenda was- to get us to move. Well, number 1: we have two young kids and are use to loud noise and even screaming. Number 2: We are both very stubborn people. The more you try to get your way- the more we will stand our ground. SCREAM AWAY GIRLS! Well, they saw it wasn't working so they left after awhile. Haha!

Collective Soul was great. Third Eye Blind was good - I don't know many of their songs. I was excited to hear Counting Crows and especially to hear the song, "She Talks to Angels". It was getting late and we had to get home so Joshua could go to school in the morning (the kids were at a friend's house). We heard "Mr.Jones" and decided to leave. I was telling Paul on the way to the car that I really liked the "She Talks to Angels" song. He laughed and informed me that I was thinking of the Black Crowes---- wrong Crow group! We laughed all the way to the car. What a dork! I was wondering why Chris Robinson looked so different to me. Maybe because he is the lead singer of the Black Crowes not Counting Crows! We had a great time anyway!

I also went out with Tanya one night. We went to the Elephant Bar Restaurant and then to see "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". Cute movie but definitely for guys mainly-- lots of T&A.

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