Monday, August 13, 2007

School's In!

Joshua went back to school last Thursday. He was a little bummed because he thought summer went to quickly.

It was rather quick plus the weather was strange. It rained the first part of the summer and then now it is super hot. Today, it was 102 degrees here.

Delaney started school today. I walked her to the bus stop so I could get a "going to school" picture. She didn't even look back when she got on the bus. Ms. Independent! She reminds me of me. My first day of school, I came home and told my mom that I didn't even think about her unless the teacher said "mom". Ouch! Sorry about that mom! It should have been a clue of my personality to come :)

Delaney had a great time today! What a big girl! Where has the time gone?

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