Saturday, August 04, 2007

Birth Mothers

Wow, we are so blessed to have found both of our children's birth mothers. I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about these two women and the selfless sacrifice they made that became the best gifts of my life.

I have been in contact with Delaney's biological grandmother. As I have said before, she seems like such a compassionate and loving person. She deeply cares and loves her daughter. I cherish the letters and picture that she has sent of the birth mother. I pray in the future after more time of healing passes that I will get to communicate with Delaney's birth mother as well. I can't imagine the pain that one must go through to place a child for adoption. The grief must be so profound and heart-wrenching. I pray for her comfort and healing.

We received a letter and multiple pictures from Joshua's birth mother last weekend. She is a very beautiful lady. Her compassion and kindness shines through in the letter that she wrote to us. She very much wants to be in contact with us. She has requested to know everything about us and Joshua. She seems very sincere in her request.

We will be receiving a video she made to give to Joshua. What a treasure to not only see but hear her as well!

We have her address and even her cell phone number. I hope in the future that with the help of a translator that we can give her a call. I think it will not only help her but Joshua as well. He has always been so inquisitive in regards to his birth mother. You should have seen him when he saw her pictures for the first time. He was full of grins. The fact that she sent a picture of her standing in front of an Egyptian mural was awesome and he loved it.

I have had both of these women on my mind a lot this week. How can you thank someone adequately for giving you the gift of motherhood? I am so grateful to them. I hope that I am raising the children they gave life to in a way that would make them proud.

I have such a deep love for these women. It feels me with emotion. It amazes me so much how I can feel love for two people that I have never met and that are so far away, but I do.

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