Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Opportunity Knocks!

I love my job at the hospital. My record prior to this job was around 5 years at a job. After that, I was ready to find something different. I have been at this job for 8 years now and had no intention of leaving.

Well, The fertility center knocked on my door again with a deal too good to pass up. I am making my own hours and get to work from home for half of my job. I will work 9-3:30 on M-TU and Thursday. The rest will be from home.

One of the doctors has been wanting an assistant to review charts and get patients treatment plans more organized. She also mentioned doing some research online. I love details and love research.

Plus....the kids won't need before care at school.

Life is good--- wish me luck. I will start there in August after the doctor gets back from Africa.

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