Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Job!

I have been very blessed in my new job. It is so amazing how it pretty much just dropped in my lap. It is a totally new field and I love the fact that I am going to have to stretch my brain a little to learn it.

I had been in Critical Care for so long that it had become a day in/day out job. Don't get me wrong-- I enjoyed it but it was not causing me to learn on a daily basis. I was very comfortable there. I had great friends there. I was really torn about leaving my comfort zone and my dear friends.

I have been working at The Tulsa Fertility Center now for two weeks. I am basically in a new position that the Doctor and I are making up as we go along. I hope I am being the help that she was wanting.

She has treated me well. I will have my own office, laptop and my hours are tailored to my family's needs. She is awesome to work with. Her knowledge amazes me, I love to listen to her explain things to patients. She is such a wealth of knowledge! I guess why that is why people travel from out of state to see her.

Since the time that I have left the hospital, many people including my old manager has quit. It sounds like it is turning in to a sinking ship. I hate that as I liked working there.

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