Saturday, September 06, 2008

Soccer Has Begun

The soccer season has begun. I just love watching the kids soccer games. It is so fun to cheer them on as they play. I have got to watch myself though because I get a little too into the game and get a little loud with the yelling.

The kids had their first games at the exact same time. I watched Delaney's and Paul watched Joshua's. I did get to see about the last 5 minutes of Joshua's game though.

Delaney really hustled. She tried so hard to score but just wasn't able to make it happen. Her team scored one goal and the other team well.... let's just say they scored several...I mean many....more.

Joshua's team won their first game. I was so excited for them as they lost most of their top players this season. Joshua scored a goal!! Way to step it up buddy!!

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