Friday, June 29, 2007

Cub Scout Camp

We had a week of Cub Scout camp. I was a co-coordinator for our pack so I was there two of the five days.

We have had 16 straight days of rain and storms here in Oklahoma. Needless to say it was a bit of a mess.

The first day, we were told that if it started lightening then we were to come under the shelter for further instructions.

Well, it started thundering so I took the boys to shelter and went to the camp director for further direction. She looked at me as I was crazy. "You are suppose to take shelter when it is Lightening, and I haven't seen any". I explained that thunder means lightening. She didn't agree. What?? So we are to wait until we are struck and then seek shelter?? I have taken care of victims of lightening strikes. It is not pretty!!!

I called Paul and was informed that a storm was coming our way. That was the last straw. I called the kids parents and we went home after lunch. Okay, maybe I was too conservative but I would rather error on the side of safety.

The storm never came but at least we were at home safe in case it had.

On Wednesday, the camp was postponed until noon since the dam at the entrance was flooded. It had receded enough for a vehicle to pass through it safely. We taxied the kids over the flood and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Joshua enjoyed Archery and BB guns the best. He even ended up becoming a Junior BB Club Member because he got 5 shots within the target area. Great Job Joshua!

He didn't go back after Wednesday since he was only going because I was co- coordinator.

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