Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts running through my head

Illness, illness, go away. Well I am officially tired of the illness running around in this family. First Delaney was sick with high fevers, I had the stomach virus, and then Paul has a sinus infection. Yesterday, Delaney woke up screaming that her ear was hurting. Her temp. was 102. We went to the doctor and found no signs of ear infection, sore throat or chest congestion. I requested her urine be checked as she has had an increase in accidents. Urine is clean! She is feeling better today, maybe we are on the road to recovery???

Lung Cancer-- I am deeply saddened by the death of Dana Reeves. What a classy lady! The fact that she never smoked and still developed lung cancer really scares me. Yes, maybe it was genetic but it really makes me question whether I want to sit with a dear friend while she smokes. Scary indeed. Tulsa has made all the restaurants smoke free unless there is a special reverse ventilation room. Great news for those that are not wanting exposure to second hand smoke.

Contacts-- Joshua has a difficult time letting me put his contact back in when it comes out. He has been questioning me about why he has to wear contacts when I don't wear mine. He wants glasses but having him in contacts will not only be cheaper but easier. I guess I will have to start wearing contacts more :)

Rain- We are expecting a rain storm tonight. Praise the Lord. Over 5,000 acres burned near us yesterday. It wasn't real close but it just shows we still desperately need rain. Let it pour rain!!!

Amazing race-- I am really enjoying this season. Last night was a good show. I won't ruin it for my Aussie friend that is two shows behind. I will say that Eric and Jeremy have fallen from my favorite list. They obviously have only one thing on their minds and it is not the race. What losers! Go MOJO!

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