Saturday, March 04, 2006

Skater Girl!

Whenever I get the chance, I try to consign some of the kids' toys they no longer play with.

The agreement is that if I can sell some of their toys then they can go to the store and pick out one (reasonably priced) toy.

Joshua picked out a Matchbox set that has a Mummy and Anubis statues on it.

Delaney picked out roller skates. She wanted me to help her. Just watching after awhile becomes pretty boring. So, I got my very old skates from High school out of the attic and joined in the fun. She was doing pretty good in her skates. They are the training ones with the locking wheels. She loves them!

Paul was making fun of my skates as he says they look straight out of the 70s. You know the skating rinks with the mirror ball and strobs light. Okay, first of all I am not THAT old but they are from the 80s. Oh the fun I had with those skates!

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