Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Time Fun

We put the pool up two weeks ago. The kids love it and spend a lot of time outside when it is up. They actually get along better when they are in the pool.

The other day, I was doing work in my office and was not interrupted once. I finished my work and was sitting there thinking about how my kids. I was thinking about how they are now old enough to be pretty much self sufficient. I was pleased with the fact that there had been no tattling going on from them.

I proceeded to go outside to tell them how proud I was of them. That was until I found out what they had been up to. Joshua had made two large mud piles in our backyard (he has been told not to do so on several occasions. He was covered with mud.

I went to go get the water hose and noticed that the pool looked strange. They had let out half the water of the pool! After I washed Joshua off, I went to put the hose in the pool to fill it back up and noticed that someone had put said mud in the pool as well. AHHH!!!! So much for my uninterrupted time, I guess I still need to check up on them especially if there has been no tattling.

I will say that they did have a grand time though ;).

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