Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break Fun!

The kids started Spring Break last Friday and today is the last day.

I took the week off since the kids would be out of school. I did get a call about everyday from the hospital asking if I could work. As usual, we are short staffed and the hospital is very busy. I wanted to spend time with the kids plus I needed a break as well.

On Friday, their first day off, we met with some friends and went to eat at CiCi's pizza and saw the movie, "Horton Hears a Who." Joshua, being the elephant lover he is, would really want to see it. Well, he surprised me and said he was not interested. Say What?? Well, he did decide to go and loved it! The kids all enjoyed it as well as the adults.

The kids went to their grandparents on Saturday for an overnight visit. Paul and I went to the craft show at our church that benefits Organ Transplantation. Then, Paul and I went out to eat and then went home and just relaxed around the house for the evening.

We picked the kids up the next evening on Sunday.

On Monday we had planned on going to the Tulsa zoo. Well the weather didn't pan out for us as it was stormy. We met with a co-worker of mine and her two sons. The kids have never met before. We decided to go to McDonalds and then back to my house for play time. McDonalds was packed so they only played there a short time. The kids played at the house for a couple of hours. They really hit it off. The youngest son went home talking about how we speak Japanese and writing in Egypt! Joshua was playing a game about Japan and his room is decked out in Egyptian decor. I guess we made an impression on the little guy.

On Tuesday, we spent the afternoon with Papa and Nana. We then invited my nephew over and Delaney's schoolmate to spend the night.

We decided to go to the Tulsa Zoo on Wednesday as the weather had improved. My nephew and Delaney's friend came with us.

Wednesday night, Delaney spent the night with her friend and Joshua spent the night with a friend. Paul and I went out to eat at Fish Daddies. I love the place but Paul had a rough night. He found something floating in his water and then in his beer. He also found hair in his food. I am betting he won't want to eat there again.

On Thursday, we went with Nana to Muskogee. We went to Honor Heights Park to see if the Azaleas were blooming yet. No such luck! They played at the park after we ate at my mom's favorite BBQ place, My Place. We then went to an antique shop. The kids found many treasures! They would have bought out the place. Amazing how, "oh man, do we have to go to there" becomes, "Cool!!! Look at this!".

Paul was off on Friday so we headed to Oklahoma City to the Science Museum. We had fun exploring the science exhibits. I went to see the Human Body Exhibit. Talk about fascinating!!! I highly recommend it.

On Saturday, we spent the day around town and watched Joshua's soccer game.

Today was Easter. I will post pictures of it in another blog.

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