Friday, November 04, 2005

In Honor of National Adoption Month, I have added the video that we presented at church two years ago.

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Nimitz' Lady said...

Delurking to say.. you made me cry! That was an incredible video.

If I weren't already convinced adoption was for me, that would've done it.

Now I just have to find the money!

MarylandMommy said...

What an awesome video!!! Brings back so many memories!!! Thanks!!!

Wendi Morton said...

Wonderful video! Made me cry, also! Do you sell te video? I would love for our church to see it! You did a wonderful job. Our son is nearly 3 years and was adopted from Russia. We are in theprocess of adopting our daughter from Guatemala, hopefully by Christmas. God bless you and your awesome family.


Kelley G said...


I am talking to the lady that had the video made. She is checking to see if we can make it into DVD form so it will be clearer for you.

Email me at