Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Here is Delaney with her three year old class. Aren't they cute! Of course I think the cutest is the little girl in the pink dress :)

We had a great Thanksgiving! Delaney spent over a week at her grandparents. She had a great time there but seemed to be ready to come home. Joshua only got to stay 3 days due to school. He loves going there.

It was so sweet to see how much the kids missed each other while they were apart. The first person Delaney wanted to talk to on the phone was always Joshua. I just love watching them together. Although they irritate each other, they love each other deeply.

Joshua is wanting to have more children around the house. He would love to have a huge family. I told him that he and his wife would have to have a lot of kids. He is concerned though because he doesn't know if his wife will be big enough to have that many kids. He has already picked her out. She is Delaney's friend Emory. He has been pretty adamant that they will marry for some time. He told a friend that he wanted to marry a Korean girl since he knows alot about them. I mean, his sister is Korean after all!! He is so funny!

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