Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Petty, Petty-- who needs it!

My friends and I were talking over lunch about how some people can be so petty. We were talking in particular about those that actually believe that money makes them better than others. How Shallow!!

I am sorry but I don't need a gigantic house and expensive clothes and vehicles to impress anyone. I love who I am and don't need to waste my time trying to prove myself to anyone. If someone doesn't like me for me then I don't have a desire to be friends with them since I prefer "real" and sincere relationships.

My friend was saying that a girl was real nice but has overheard her saying negative comments about her to others. I am sorry but that is lame! Do people really feel better about themselves by putting others down? To me that signifies that they are the ones that have the real problems and insecurities.

I have been told that one thing people like about me is that I speak my mind. There is no question about how I feel about something. If I have something that is bothering me about someone then we talk it out.

Life is way too short to not value people for who they are. It matters not what the bank account says, it is how a person is on the inside that really matters!

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MarylandMommy said...

Amen sister! I agree!