Thursday, January 25, 2007


The frog dissection was postponed due to the ice storm . We were finally able to do it last Tuesday.

Joshua was a little apprehensive at first. He said the smell bothered him at first. I explained that it was the perservative to keep the frog fresh.

I was in a group with Joshua and two other boys. One of the boys was real gung-ho and dove right in.

We ended up with a boy frog. The teacher had said that she has never had a girl frog yet. One mother commented, "That is because the boy frogs must be slower." Well, one table did end up with a girl!

The boys thought it was cool to get both eyeballs out--- gross! We even were able to dissect a little bit of brain. I guess they have very small brains.

It was quite interesting, most but not all the kids enjoyed it.

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