Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ICE, ICE! Everywhere Ice!

The ice came and coated everything. You can't even make a dent in the ice to get a foot hold. Walking down the street is quite a feat.

I went into work during the weekend. On Friday night, I was told that they would not be taking people home. I was not happy. We finally got things worked out and with the insistence of upper management, transportation was provided to those that needed it.

Paul took me in each day but we didn't want to load the kids in the van at 11:00pm to pick me up.

I was called on Monday to see if I would come in for a call in, no thanks! I will stay cooped up at home. Having no place to be is quite nice.

Alex, Joshua's friend that lives down the street is over today. Joshua and Delaney went over there yesterday.

The kids are definitely enjoying the break from school.

Remember you fine feathered friends in this weather. If we can't break through the ice, I doubt they can :)

Sam, our dog, is staying inside our house in his kennel during this cold weather.

For now, I am enjoying the warmth and feeling fortunate we are still with electric as alot of people are not.

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