Friday, March 16, 2007


Soccer has begun once again. I use to be excited for the games to begin but I am now only frustrated.

Poor Joshua is losing interest and rightly so. Every season he has had a brand new coach. Most seasons, he has had a team of mainly brand new players. It is frustrating to have to watch his team struggle every year due to poor team assigments. It is not fair to him to have to learn the same basic skills over and over. To be on a team that gets beat time and time again.

He had his first game Saturday. He played his heart out and scored a goal!!! The score was 16 to 1. I will let you take a stab at if we won or not...

I admire his will to get out there and play with all his heart time and time again! Please pray that these kids are quick learners :). All for fun, All for fun, that is what I keep telling myself!

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