Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Fun!

Last week was Spring Break for the kids. I took them on two day trips and then they spent some time with their grandparents in Kansas for a couple of days.

On Monday, we went over to Nana and Papas for lunch and spent some time around the house.

On Tuesday, we went to Jasmine Moran's Children's Museum. It is about a two hour drive. I had developed a pretty bad sinus infection so I told that kids that at the first sign of bickering, I would turn around and go home. They were awesome! Not one little feud. They have a new train there (for us) and we decided to ride on it. Well, the first curve and it derailed! AGGHH! I do not have good luck with trains (ask me about the Christmas Train some time!)

The kids had a blast none the less!

On Wednesday, we went to Woolaroc which is an hour away from us. We invited Papa, Nana, Uncle Mike and Aunt Teresa and the cousins. We love that museum. It is in such a pretty area, the drive is a treat in itself. Once you enter Woolaroc, you have a 2 mile drive through fields with deer, buffalo, emu, etc. We had a great time and went to eat at Charlie's Chicken afterwards. Charlie's is one of Joshua's favorite restuarants. It has great bread, a prerequisite for any restaurant that Joshua likes. The boy loves his bread!!

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