Monday, April 30, 2007


Joshua had to make an invention for school. He had to interview people to decide what he could design for them to make their lives easier.

I wanted something to keep crumbs off the floor, Nana wanted a flower pot that her dog couldn't tip over. Paul wanted either something to keep the bathroom floor from getting flooded during baths or a light reflector that won't get crushed.

We have a long curving driveway and we use light reflectors to help guide people. We have to replace one of them at least once a month due to them being ran over.

Joshua decided to come up with something to solve the problem. He came up with his invention, The Light Reflector Protector. It has a spring on it so it pops back up if someone runs over it. Not to bad for a 2nd grader. Daddy helped Joshua build it and it will be presented to his school in one week.

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