Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Grinch called E-Bay!

We have been burned on two occasions this holiday season by e-bay. We bid and won a present for Joshua. It was at such a great price-- should have been the first clue. When we read the small print we realized that the Lego set did not include the figurines.
So, we put it back on E-bay and put that it did not include figurines in the first sentence.

We also bought the actual present we wanted on a Buy It Now deal on e-bay. That was on 12/7.

Well the winning bidder on our sell backed out and recalled her deposit from our account. I am not sure how Paypal allowed it unless she lied to them-- but they did.

So after paying a re-listing fee. We placed it for sale again and it did sale-- we recouped our money from that deal.

So, all was good-- we waited for the much coveted present to arrive. We waited and waited some more. Two days ago, we received a notice from Paypal that our money had been returned to us because the seller couldn't meet delivery requirements! Since that time, the seller has received 10 other complaints in addition to ours. He was a complete fraud that held our money until there were no others to be purchased. Merry Christmas!!

Luckily, we can order it from Lego and it should arrive Jan. 29th. A lesson in patience???

I had a great idea to give my mother an Iris Portrait for Christmas. This flower reminds her of her friend that was murdered back in 1991. The bulbs her friend gave her still produce flowers every Spring.

I saw an awesome photo on a photography Bl0g. It was a daily give away prize. I didn't win it but decided to contact the photographer. She told me that she had no desire to let me buy a print at this time. Yes, she knows the story! I guess it is her choice though.

I contacted the winner and she was going to allow me to buy it but I find a nice substitute in the interim. Wow, I know my mom is going to love it. It does not have as much characteristic as the other one but I know it will be cherished none the less.

I am deciding not to let the Grinches get me down. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! HAVE A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS!

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