Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Break

We decided to take the opportunity of Fall break to get out of town for some quality family time.

We decided to rent a cabin on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. We enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of home life.

We went to Silver Dollar City the first day. It was 77 when we entered the park and probably in the 40s when we left....BRR! Poor Joshua had dressed in shorts.

We had a great time despite the weather. We took a picture in the famous rocking chair. I took the same picture with my mom and brother about 30 years ago. I will have to see if my mom can dig it up for us.

The kids rode some rides and we watched the craftsman make their wares.

The next morning we went fishing for about 20 minutes. Not what we had planned. But it only got up to 42 that day. Plus, with two kids stomping on the dock and yelling back and forth to each other, the fish were't biting. Not even Joshua's popcorn bait :)

We decided to go do some indoor activities. We went to the Titanic museum. We each got a boarding pass on admission (they had the name of an actual passenger). We all survived!!!

We also went to see the IMAX movie, "Mystery of the Nile". It was about an archeological teams trip all the way down the treacherous and dangerous (crocodiles!!) Nile River. It took them about 4 months. It was awesome! The Scenery was beautiful. I don't think Paul was too excited about it but it ended up being his favorite part of the trip.

We met up with my parents and my brother and his family that evening for dinner. My parents are frequent Branson visitors and had also planned a trip to there. My brother decided to join along when he found out we were all going to be there.

We decided to keep our extended family time only to dinner and one evening since we wanted some quality time with just the kids since it is a rare commodity around here. We knew that the focus of the kids would be on each other if we spent the whole time together. I pray every one else understood. With Paul working during the week and me working during the weekend, our family time is limited.

We ate dinner and went to an inside water park. The kids had a blast playing together.

Joshua said that his favorite part was Silver Dollar City, Delaney's was "swimming" and mine was just getting away!

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