Friday, November 17, 2006


My blog posts have been pretty sporadic. You can usually tell when I have a relaxing morning off, usually Fridays.

I have been busy with life in general. Life tends to stretch one pretty thin if you allow it.

I am not only working at the hospital on the weekends, and Dillon work at home during the week but I am also learning to place PICC lines in patients. I am basically on call throughout the day to go in for training. I am only two PICC placements away from being certified to place them by myself.

These appear to be the wave of the future as far as IVs, especially in long term therapies.

In addition to work related business, we have after school activities, church activities and holiday activities. Of course there is also family and friend time.

I am not complaining as I know I am very blessed with family, friends and work. I do find it difficult sometimes to get in time to blog as well. Be patient, a post will appear but usually not daily.

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