Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trimming the Tree

One of the first purchases that Paul and I made as a couple was our first Christmas tree. We had the tree for 14 years. I noticed last Christmas that it had seen better days.

We bought a new tree for this year. When we saw it, we knew that it was the tree that we wanted. It has the larger bulbs on it, Joshua really liked it.

Last night we put it up and the kids decorated it. They were so excited and had a lot of fun.

I am not sure how many times, Delaney asked, "Is it Christmas?" and I explained that it wasn't yet.

This morning, Delaney ran in to my room saying, "Momma, you tricked me! We put up the tree and Santa didn't come."

She is so excited this year for Christmas, but she doesn't quite get the concept yet. Maybe she thought if we "Built it, they would come".

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