Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When I get married......

The kids are always talking about what they will have when they get married or grow up, esp. Delaney.

She has listed the following goals for herself.....

-When she grows up.... she will be a boy like Joshua. This obviously comes from her admiration of her brother.
-When she gets married....she will be a mother and have two kids. She would like a boy and a girl.
-When she is a mother.....She will be so happy and hold her babies when they cry.
-When she is grown up.....She will have breasts and be so happy. (okay..she really said boobies).
-When she gets married....She wants a purple harmonica. LOL, okay so she is only three and her goals are still those of a three year old.

It is so cute to listen to their aspirations no matter how silly they may be.

Joshua wants 16-20 kids and a big enough couch that he can hold them all in his lap at once. He also hopes his wife is big enough to have 16-20 kids :)

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