Friday, February 10, 2006

Care Bears Live!

Paul and I like to have Boy's and Girl's night out with the kids occasionally. We had one last night.

I took Delaney to see Care Bears Live last night. She thought it was going to be a movie, so she was quite surprised to see that it was a live show. I didn't know how to explain to her what a live show was beforehand. I had tried a little but she started saying, "I don't like bears". So, I went with the movie idea.

We went to her choice of restaurant...McDonald's :). We even splurged and had an ice cream cone for Delaney and a milk shake for mommy. She insisted that I have ice cream as well. She didn't have to twist my arm that hard :). Yummy!

She was very quiet when the Care Bears first started but then she started asking to go onstage. After awhile, she started DEMANDING to go onstage. "I WANT TO GO UP THERE NOW, MOMMY!" Sorry Babe, no such luck!

At intermission, she wanted to buy a Care Bear light. No problem... I have a credit card. Wrong! Cash only. So, I looked to see how much cash I have $9.63. Oops! the light is $10. Darn, I should have skipped the shake.

What is a mom to do? We run back out to the van and I start searching. Well, I find a few cents but still not enough. I open Delaney's cup holder and find 8 cents in there. The sight of mommy taking her precious money, sends Delaney into a tantrum. Ahhh!!!!

So, I take her money anyway, it is for her after all. Then, God is good, I find a whole quarter in the bottom of my purse. Mommy saves the day!!! We run back in and get the most important light (you know, the one that will make its way to the bottom of the toy chest today and be long forgottenby tomorrow).

We return to our seats and Delaney plays with her light for about 5 minutes and then I hear "I WANT TO GO UP THERE NOW, MOMMY!" Ah, the joys of three year olds. Gotta love them!

All in all we had a great evening. Most important, Delaney said she had fun!

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MarylandMommy said...

Oh, that is so cute!!!