Friday, July 28, 2006



Oh, your child’s adopted?
How lucky he must be.
I laugh because that thought seems so naïve to me.

I didn’t save him and
My purpose wasn’t rescue
Look closely and you’ll see
The opposite is true.

I needed to be a mother
I felt it in my bones.
But you see, I wasn't able
To do it all alone.

Though the Lord did not
Bless me with a pregnancy.
He brought a young woman into my life
To fulfill my destiny.

And so this special woman
Who loved her baby so dear
Picked me for his mother
To raise him through the years.

Don't you ever wonder
About a child of your own?
Believe me, he is my child
I didn't take him as a loan.

And I know he is my son.
I'm as sure as sure as can be.
Giving birth was not the way
God chose to bring him to me.

I made his birth mother a promise.
I'm honor bound to serve.
To give this wonderful boy
All the love that he deserves.

Every kiss I give him
Comes from two mothers hearts.
One very near,
The other far apart.

And as he grows, we'll teach him
As only mothers can.
Two women came together
To create this man.

Aren't you afraid she'll come back
And want to take him away?
It goes without saying,
She misses him every day.

But she chose a life for him
One she couldn't give.
And honored me with her choice.

A commitment I strive to live.

This triangle of love,
You may consider rare.
But, you see as blessings go,
I've got more than my share.

And yes, my son was adopted.
He makes me happy as can be.
But what you don't understand is
The lucky one is me.


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