Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Joshua was suppose to have soccer camp this week. It has been so hot (>100 F) that I was hesitant to send him even for the two hours that it was being held. Of course, it is from 10-12 so it is really hot during that part of the day.

On the first day, I told Joshua once again, "Now Joshua, drink plenty of water and be sure to tell a coach if you start feeling bad". His reply, "Mom, you have told me that like 20 times!" I said, "Well it is THAT important. It is very hot outside."

The coach reiterated the same thing at the beginning of camp the first day. He said, "If you feel dizzy or sick tell a coach and we will take you to the shade, bring you water and get you cooled off". Great, we are on the same page!

I came about 10 minutes early for pick up the first day. Joshua was out playing soccer but was going pretty slow. Pretty normal as his endurance isn't the greatest.

About 2 minutes after I get there, I see Joshua go and sit down in front of his two coaches. He has his head in his hands and is obviously not feeling well. What does the coach do??? He tells Joshua, "There is only 5 minutes left, you can make it, go back out there. If you are REALLY, REALLY dizzy then you shouldn't play" EXCUSE ME????

Joshua returns to the field only to go back over and say something to the coach about 1 minute later. The coach says, "Fine, go sit in the shade then."

I wait a few seconds to see if they get him water before I start searching for some myself. NO, they just both stand there and ignore him and never even check up on him. I am watching this while I am searching for his water.

Once I find it and start over towards him, they say that time is up. I walk towards Joshua and his coach is in hearing distance and say, "Hey, buddy did you get overheated out here??" Nothing from the coach.

Joshua whom was excited to go to soccer camp, now states,"I am not coming back! I was dizzy three times today".

I take him home and get him cooled off and then call the coach. No answer, so I leave a message. No return call yet. Paul called this am and left a message as well.

I told the leader of the camp that as a mother and a nurse, I am really concerned that they are not taking heat exhaustion seriously. Scary stuff esp. since we have had several heat related deaths in this state.

I guess I should have gone with my initial instinct and never sent him!!!

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Kelley G said...

We did get a call back and are getting a full refund for the camp!