Thursday, July 20, 2006

Update on Joshua....

I forgot to post this earlier this summer. Joshua had updates for both his vision and his hearing this summer.

Great news in both areas. His glasses now have him seeing 20/20 in both eyes. There was a question on whether or not we would have to increase his Rx at some point.

Even better news, Joshua showed that he is actually hearing better in his right ear (worse ear) and about the same in his left. We are still not sure if his loss is progressive or not but we breathe easy with each year that comes back about the same and not further loss.

They also said that with his hearing aids he hears better than normal when it comes to normal conversation level.

He hasn't worn his aids too much this summer due to all the time in the water. He definitely needs them. I try not to get frustrated when I have to repeat myself 2-3 times but sometimes it is hard, esp. when he choses to sit in the back of the van and then tries to carry on a conversation with me. Patience and understanding, Lord. Give me patience and understanding...

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