Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best Survivor Yet.....

Wow, I never imagined that I would love a Survivor season more than I loved Survivor Australia.

I had pretty much given up hope on it getting any better. I can now say that this season, Favorites vs. Fans, was my all time favorite.

I don't think I laughed or cried more than I did this season. It was truly awesome!

Finally, it came down to all women at the end. So many times they could have done it in seasons before, but they always held on to a man for some reason.

There were so many surprises this season. I truly did not care which of the four ladies won it although I was rooting for Amanda-- see below.

I am totally ecstatic that Parvati won though. She is one smart cookie!

I also am glad to see that James the Gravedigger was awarded for his personality.

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