Thursday, May 08, 2008

Soccer Spring 2008

The soccer season is almost over now. We have had a great time watching the kids. It will be nice not to be tied up several evenings a week for practice but I will miss the games on Saturdays.

We were very blessed to have both the kids on great teams with great coaches.

Delaney's team is awesome. It is hard to believe the girls are only under 6 years old. They are already showing team work and passing skills. They are all motivated players. We have no daisy pickers in this group of girls.

Delaney started the year off looking as she had played before. The girl surprises me time and time again with her athletic abilities. Just like being a natural horse back rider, this girl has no fear out on the soccer field.

She hasn't quite figured out when she scores goals. Seriously, how can you not know you scored a goal. Oh well, at least she is scoring. Last game, she was even nice enough to score one for the other team. How generous is that!! :)

Joshua's team is incredible. They took first place in their league. Joshua has been unfortunate in the fact that season after season, he had been placed with a new coach and brand new players. His skills and enthusiasm have suffered due to it. Before last season, I made the point of talking to the club to see if for once he could get an experienced coach. Well they chose to place him on the Oklahoma Coach of the Year's team. I can not say enough about this coach. He has the kids under control and is able to sit and enjoy the games like the rest of us. No pacing the sidelines for him.

Joshua has made improvements and scored a goal last week. Seeing the smile on his face afterwards was priceless. This is the same boy that use to dance in the goal after a score when he was a Kindergartener.

The boys on the team are such great team players. You can hear them yelling accolades and encouragement to each other during the game.

Way to go Ballistic!!!

His interest in Soccer has once again returned. For the first time in his life, he actually likes to go out in the backyard to play soccer.

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