Thursday, May 08, 2008

MOPS graduate :(

I have been a member of MOPS the last two years. My friend had invited me to a meeting time and time again. I really didn't want to give up my free time to sit around making crafts with other women. 1) I cherish my free time, and 2) I am not all.

So, I humored her and told her I would go to one meeting so I could assure her it was not for me.

Well, I loved it. I loved the fellowship, I even loved the crafts. They made them easy enough for the crafty- challenged like me.

Since Delaney will be in First grade next year, I no longer qualify to go. Although I do know others that go anyway.

I received this beautiful rose since I was graduating.

If you are a Mom of a Preschooler, I highly suggest joining.

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