Thursday, May 08, 2008

Help a Child!

My heart goes out to the Homeless or Orphaned Children of the world.

Adoption allowed for me to become a parent. What a blessing!

Traveling to other countries and seeing the starving children (be it starving for love or starving for food) has changed my life. I can no longer turn my head away and forget that there are others out there that need our help.

Here are several of my favorite causes:

Orphan's Bright Star: This gives aid to children living in Orphanages in Ukraine. There are two in Joshua's birth city that need help. The actual home that he lived now no longer needs assistance due to prior donations.

Here are the two that are in his birth city:

teterevka internat
nova borova internat

Here is a local organization that helps others with the costs of adoption:
The Hug Away Foudation.

A new organization is : The Red Letter Campaign.

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