Sunday, September 24, 2006

Colorectal Cancer

In 1999, prior to Joshua coming home, my father was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. He was only in his 50s at that time. He received Chemotherapy and is in remission.

Colorectal cancer is treatable and beatable if it is caught early. Catching it early means catching it before you have even developed any symptoms. Screening is of the utmost importance. It is recommended that screening begin at age 50 if you have no family history of colorectal cancer.

Since my father was a young cancer patient, I had to begin screening at 30 which is 20 years before the age he was diagnosed. I have to be screened every 5 years. My second exam was this past week and I am happy to say that I had a negative exam.

My dad had his exam one week prior to mine and he is still cancer free!!

No, It is not the most fun thing to do, but so worth it!

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