Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girls Rule!!

Okay.. I am coming out and telling everyone that I am a Big Brother fan. I love reality shows. I can't wait until Amazing Race and Survivor starts in the next few weeks.

Big Brother is interesting to me but it serves as something to watch until my above mentioned favorites are back on.

I was really hoping Danielle would win. I cheered for her the first time she was on the show. She is an awesome player.

I also liked Janelle when she was on before. It was hard to watch her being played by Mike Boogie and the evil Dr. Will. I was going to lose all respect (as much as BB contestants can have) for her if she didn't figure out she was being played and was going to lose if she stayed under the two flirts.

Well, Erika and Janelle wised up and fought back. Seeing Mike's face the rest of last night's show was PRICELESS!!! You go Girls!

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